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Geez, We get it, it sounds like a cheeesy promise, (marketing team says it will work) but scroll down a little to see why we are claiming that (trust us, you can hit that button later, too)

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Literally ALL of us have travelled to a city and have taken bazillion pictures that sits in the gallery and not make it to socials. What if you could share your travel memories interactively to help fellow adventurers? 🌎



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Interactive maps for your friends to follow?

Remember Pokémon GO? Now picture you and pals creating AND hunting your own treasures

the Adventure

What if you Design a treasure hunt that takes you through ALL continents?

Or Build a lego that’s SO big that it’s bigger than your biggest friend?

Or Invent a time machine that lets you explore the wonders of ancient civilizations firsthand (Hello, Roman Empire)?

Or Construct a treehouse so massive, it’s like a whole neighborhood on the branches?

That‘s what we are trying to do. Come Join the Adventure!


What can you get out of 'yet another app'?


AR it yourself

Using arplace is as simple as Augmented Reality can be. You need zero experience to create. Just use your imagination and our platform to reimagine your world!


Create exciting

Use arplace to guide fellow adventurers with the pictures you took! 


Be an inspiration

for others

Leon Torres

Try this out! 🙌

Fabian Müller

Great work! 🚀

Catherine Olivas


Chris Heitzinger

outstanding ✨

Virality? Dopamine hits? If you wanna stand out, we are here for you!


A new era
of engagement

We know that the Digital Fatigue is real, so we want you to blend the real life experience with the digital, re-imagining the world also means re-imagining the ways we connect

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The arplace App


arplaces are augmented reality experiences, they are groups or scenes that include multiple digital objects placed in the real world.


Think Scavenger hunts, Self-guided tours, Immersive Sound experiences, all at your fingertips to play around with. Everybody says video is queen of content so I guess we will add that too


Its not ‘content’ we are talking about. It’s you playing around and occasionally coming up with something brilliant that your friends would like to also play around with


A look into the future

Have we convinced you yet?

Or confused you? There are some FAQs below (in case you are wondering), or you can chat with us, we love yapping about anything and everything!

Become the first arplacer, create the future with us 😉


We love

curious minds

Great that you asked!

AR is not only a part of future, it is the future (and well, present). As an early adopter of arplace, you will help us tweak and better the product and will earn the loyalty badge that will grant you free access FOREVER. 

Nope! You don’t need to know anything about design, coding , or even augmented reality technology. We handle that! The process is designed to be as user friendly as possible. 

With arplace, you can create immersive experiences and tell compelling stories.

Help your audience visualize how a billboard will look in its physical environment, or create an engaging learning experience in which learners interact with digital and physical content.

For inspiration on what is already being created using arplace, visit the arplace gallery on Behance(?)

You can easily share a viewable link or display the unique scannable QR code with your audience or collaborators or record a video or snapshot.